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  • World Alzheimer’s Month Comes to an End

    As World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month concludes, let’s look at what treatments are available now, and what the future may hold. Current Alzheimer’s treatments can temporarily improve [...]

  • Alzheimer’s Month Continues as We Look at Signs, Symptoms and Diagnosis 

    This week, we continue with our four-part series on Alzheimer's and look at the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer's, and how to get a diagnosis. As [...]

  • September is World Alzheimer’s Month

    World Alzheimer’s Month takes place every September and has been happening since 2012. The decision to introduce a full month around Alzheimer’s awareness and advocacy was [...]

  • Wellness Month Concludes with a Look at Physical Wellness

    As Wellness month concludes, it is time to look at our physical health and find ways to help improve our physical wellness. From exercising and eating [...]

  • National Wellness Week Continues as We Learn to Create Healthy Routines 

    Have you ever noticed that our lives are just one long routine?  Wake up, bathroom, brush teeth, coffee, etc. etc.  While most of us find routines [...]

  • FDA Approves New Drug to Treat Alzheimer’s 

    Last month, the FDA approved a new therapy for early Alzheimer’s disease that appears to modestly slow the progression of the disease that affects more than 6.5 [...]

  • Wellness Month Continues as We Discuss the Importance of Mental Wellness

    When we think of wellness, our minds think about how our bodies feel.  Are we in pain? Sore? Exhausted? Excited? Sick?  But there is more to [...]

  • Creating a Family History

    Most people love sharing stories from “the good old days”, so bring a snack and a voice recorder and ask your loved one to share stories [...]

  • Seniors Want Dignity and Privacy Too!

    There will eventually come a point in time with aging parents or loved ones when the world tilts and roles begin to shift. At this point, [...]